“Moji Drugovi – Meine Freunde” Elementary Bilingual Book

This is set of 47 illustrations made for elementary bilingual book for children in the age of 9-10.
Ordered by the Austrian publishing house. Also is my first published book. And for the first time it was a real challenge for me.

The illustrations were set by the publisher, everything else was left to me. Inspiration is everywhere around me, mostly in my two daughters.
I still build my style, but I think I’m very close to what I like and what I want to achieve. I love sweet, colorful, and kid friendly style and I enjoy drawing for children.

All artwork is digital drawn – Using Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq tablet. I got a list of illustrations. Each illustration had a short description of the action and its dimension. First I was made rough sketches. When all the sketches were approved, then the favorite and the coolest part came. Coloring, detailing, shading, adjustments. The whole process of production lasted about two months.

I can say that feedback was very positive, especially from my client.
The project has helped me to further develop myself and finally to cross the border of my country. And most importantly, it was opened up many other door of opportunities.

Thank you for reading.
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Nikolina Dinješ

Hello! 🙂
I’m an illustrator based in Croatia.
My work is focused on children and youth illustration.
Hope you like it! 🙂