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Jianrong Lin
May 26, 2018

This series of illustration was created for self-promotional purposes. I love to draw human figures. I think human bodies look best when in motion. These illustrations were inspired by the dynamic body movements in various sports. I used different body forms to convey power, speed, flexibility, and momemtum.

I draw a lot of inspirations form watching sports. for this self generated project, I wanted to illustrate dynamic body movements of athlets in interesting ways. For the runner's piece, I made the composition into an arc form to emphasize the speed and momentum of the athletes. Perhaps this is the moment right after the runners take off. For the swimmers, they would have just plunged into the water. To charge forward, they turn their bodies into waves. When I think of football, what comes to mind are strength, physical contacts, and how the players can be piled up in weird ways. Volleyball players will do everything to save the ball. I’m always fascinated by how they’re willing to get on the floor. Yoga is all about flexibility and mindfulness, so I tried to keep the figures simple and soft, almost feather-like. The composition was inspired by cabbages — You know when you cut those purple cabbages in half and discover the wonderful patterns inside.

It all started with whole bunch sketches to find the perfect shapes and compositions for each image. I drew the illustrations with ink and brush on watercolor paper. Then I scanned them into my laptop and added the colors in Photoshop.

This project got me a lot of attention online, especially with social medias. I also won the Silver Award from 3X3 Magazine's annual competition and published on their 14th illustration annual. What I learnt most from this project is that I will get better results everytime when I start over a drawing.

If you want to find out more about my illustration work, please go to I'm represented by Richard Solomon Artists Rep. Please contact Richard at [email protected] with job inquiries.

Jianrong Lin

Jianrong Lin is a New York-based freelance illustrator whose work is targeted for editorial and advertising markets. Born and raised in China, he immigrated to the states at the age of 17, and was determined to become an illustrator.
Jianrong studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and received degrees in Fashion Illustration and General Illustration - disciplines that translate to his work in elegant, and bold illustrative concepts. While still in school, he started painting murals for local restaurants, and has a thriving side business doing large-scale works:
Right before graduation, Jianrong landed his first freelance illustration job, working on a couple of medical illustrations for Merck Pharmaceutical. Following a successful first project, Jianrong was contacted by Merck again to illustrate a series of medical advertising posters. Shortly after this job Jianrong had the honor of beginning work on a storyboard campaign for AT&T’s TV commercial with Grey Advertising - these jobs kick-started Jianrong’s illustration career.
Within a year after graduation, Jianrong had works accepted into Society of Illustrators’ Exhibition, and the 3×3 magazine’s annual.

“I feel thankful that I knew from early on what I want to do with my life; making art is all I think about. I like to work both digitally and traditionally; sometimes a combination of both. I am constantly inspired by the world around me, and my aim is to share my discoveries, to tell visual stories, and convey messages and ideas through imagery in an interesting way.”
- Jianrong

2016 - Society of Illustrators Annual Student Competition
2017 - 3x3 Illustration Annual 14
2018 - Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Annual

Client List:
Merck Pharmaceutical
Grey Advertising
Texas Monthly

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