Mon Cherry is a sweet set of measuring spoons and egg separator for Tel-Aviv based studio OTOTO.

Sweet or salty? It doesn’t matter. For a perfect recipe, you have to measure. A lot of sugar or just a drop, and for some extra pleasure – put a cherry on top!

It took a glance at an ordinary measuring spoons in my kitchen drawer to notice the resemblance to a bundle of cherries… I am often inspired by pop art and culture; therefore, iconic cherries were a natural choice for a product that functions in a sweet baking environment. Adding an element of fun to everyday objects is my passion. I call it “pop design”.

sketches, CAD software, 3D printing, Prototypes… the real challenge in this product was to create a separation of colors between the stem and the cherry without using any coating in the manufacturing process while keeping the stem as thin and gentle as possible.

I have designed a lot of products, and each product is a whole new experience and a lot to learn. I love the niche of simple and fun products. it is a colorful and optimistic world, such products makes people smile, they even react with laughter.

I have been working with OTOTO for years. It is always exciting to see a new product that I designed being introduced to the world. ‘Mon Cherry’ for OTOTO is scheduled to launch next month. Wish it luck!

Jenny Pokryvailo

Jenny Pokryvailo is an industrial designer specializing in design and development of home accessories for clients ranging from start-ups to mature international companies. She holds a B.Des degree from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.
Jenny believes in a design that is definitive in its function and appearance and has a clear statement. Quite often, her creative thinking is driven by reimagination of nostalgic feelings and childhood memories from Saint Petersburg’s snowy winters, theaters, museums, circuses and magical forests.
She is constantly inspired by Pop art, Japanese culture and fashion photography.