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Monkey Beach, House | Remodeling and Visualization

Monkey Beach, House | Remodeling and Visualization

Jhon Páez
December 14, 2020

This is a remodeling project located in Canoa - Manabi - Ecuador, which was worked in collaboration with Lucerna (integral architecture studio) where we made somes adjustments and redesigns to generate comfortable and friendly areas. A portfolio of renders was generated to better understand and visualize the project.

The design was for homes in a large urbanization in which the main objective is for them to be rest and for retired people where they can have their homes near the beach and have spaces in harmony with the beach and nature.
It was designed through a concept of a beach house where wood, vegetation, bamboos, and white are the main protagonists before a touch of natural wood covered in most of the furnishings to show a cozy and integral atmosphere

I used some programs which I will mention the main order: First the architectural plan was used which helped us understand the pros and cons of the project, then we exported to Sketchup where we generated several sketches to give solutions to the project, then we used 3Ds max to refine details modeling and placing quality furniture or modeling some within the project. As the rendering engine, Corona Renderer was used where we played with the different environments (moods) and textures and at the end we took photoshop to adjust colors, corrections and contrasts to the final image.

It is a project that has been liked a lot for its place, colors, environments and relationship with nature. Knowing the history behind the project is a great achievement to be able to promote and generate spaces that rehabilitate and enhance the architecture and landscaping of the sector.

Jhon Páez G.

I am 24 years old, I am from Ecuador and I am Architect and 3d artist who is passionate about art in every way. Being able to convey feelings and emotions is what supports my architecture and my work.

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  1. I don't understand. The page implies that I will be able to 'remodel and visualize' [customize] a home to have built on Monkey Beach. Am I reading it wrong?

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