This is a monogram that includes my initials and I wanted in the same time to create myself a new identity which can represent me in the years to come. In addition, I wanted to create a new identity to represent my person in the years to come.

The idea of this project came to satisfy my need of a brand new style to represent me, something fresh, something to fit in today’s trends. The style combines the classic serif with a kind of futuristic approach, displaying the diversity that represents me, the same reason made me use both negative and positive forms. From my perspective, this approach paved the way to a balanced composition. About colour one could notice that the intensity of the red makes the logo to pop out.

The tool that I used in creating the monogram is Adobe Illustrator. I started from simple forms, taking them, step by step, to a more complex appearence. Going from big and stiff shapes to forms that display elegance and complexity made me understand.

Otherwise I received only positive feedback on Behance. I believe that after this project i developed a more correct workflow and I feel that I can easily finish any similar project. Patience is the key to understanding why you do what you do.

Thanks for reading and if you like my work you can follow me on Behance:

Loliceru Eusebiu

I’m Eusebiu, student at University of Art and Design from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I went to college wanting to become a product designer, but by the time as I learned some things about how does design work, I became open to paths like animation, graphic design and illustration. College gave me a broad perspective on the arts, so now i am free to choose from the variety of art forms that I learned there. I still want to experience a lot of art fields, such as frame by frame animation, 3d animation and UI/UX. Can’t stop learning cool stuff.