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Nick Liefhebber
November 17, 2016
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Large 1000 x 700mm screenprints in three colours inspired by Monoliths in Bretagne, France. The word monolith derives, via the Latin monolithus, from the Ancient Greek word μονόλιθος (monolithos), from μόνος ("one" or "single") and λίθος ("stone"). In France they're also called "Menhir".

When in Bretagne I saw these awesome Menhirs, often in the middle of nowhere and in nature. They have something magical. These ancient, simple but powerful structures raised questions, especially "how?" and "why?". The definition of a monolith is it's a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock made by human or nature. I like it can be both and they're both impressive.

These are made like a collage, all shapes are papercut from black paper, scanned and assembled in Illustrator. When creating these works I like to be able to shuffle them by hand before creating digital, it gives more control and by cutting the shapes you get little mistakes you won't have on your computer. Then these were screenprinted by hand.

This project was self initiated so it was made purely for myself from my own fascination. Of course I put my work online and I exhibited these, people liked it, some blogs picked it up so I guess I should keep dreaming.

If you're interested in these prints feel free to take a look at my Tictail shop:

Nick Liefhebber

Nick Liefhebber is a Dutch graphic designer working on a range of projects, like websites, campaigns, typefaces and identities. Believing in solving problems with creative ideas and design he distills the essence of the message. Every story is unique, and so is every work.

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