More Than Men

This is a series of Illustrations created as a personal homage to three of my favourite superheroes. The idea for each was to create spaces and scenes using mainly their emblem/motifs as compositional and depth cues, whilst still trying to create an environment of tension, mystery or action. It is a project I worked on whilst employed at Muti.

I was mainly the love of these comic/graphic novel characters and their striking imagery. It was also a way of getting in touch with that younger side of myself and trying to remember why I got into art in the first place.
Sometimes, you just want to work on something without a brief and a client where you can just feel free to follow your vision. So in a way, projects like these are meant to scratch that creative itch when it gets a tad unbearable haha.

Each of the three pieces was created in Adobe Photoshop CC.
How I went about executing the pieces:
1. I started with a digital greyscale sketch and composition in photoshop
2. Once the values/pattern of the composition was right, I tightened up the sketch.
3.I then took it to the colour and final stage of execution.

Its seems to have done really well across social media. Bechance was kind enough to feature the project in their Illustration gallery due to views and traction so I was pleasantly surprised to see that. Recognition for your efforts are always welcome because they keep you motivated to create more pieces.

Keep creating stuff and keep being awesome! We’re all on the same path.
There are those days when we’re frustrated with our work and we feel like we’re not moving forward, but guaranteed, there are atlas one hundred other people around the world feeling that way at the same moment you are, so don’t get discouraged and keep pushing forward

Jay Gordon

Illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa.