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Morning Nature White

Morning Nature White

Raveendra Chahar
October 5, 2016
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Hi everyone! I ‘m Raveendra Chahar, This is a project that I did trying to reproduce the mood, morning light. I started this project with the modeling of the Interior and then starting doing the environment. My main workflow for this project was modeling with 3ds Max and rendered with Vray.

The idea come when I was seeing some photography references and some was with this lighting condition, morning light, then I started to research to do a project with this lighting, which I do not had tried yet. I have chosen a house trying to simulate this lighting condition. I choose a White paint type to add some contrast with the lighting and the vegetation of the scene.

For this project, and most of my project, I have used 3dsmax and Vray. Starting out with 3dsMax, is where I do my modeling and UV´s check. The house Interior and a simple Garden was done in 3dsmax. With 3dsmax I started doing the main environment. I tried some high trees to focus in the lighting. Working with Vray I create a Vray sun + Dome Light , add a HDRI to recreate the atmosphere. Photoshop for the post-production.

People are responding very good to this project and I received many positive feedback from different social media. Trying to reproduce this lighting condition was a really good learning. The main objective with this project was lighting, so after finishing it I think a become a little better in lighting a scene.

Raveendra Chahar

My name is Raveendra Chahar. I’m a CG artist specialized in 3D architectural visualization from India.
I did more and more high poly work and started to concentrate on photo realism and architecture.

Now I’m using 3dsmax and Vray but I always try to learn new tools, pipelines, workflows or leaning towards technical work, to keep my workflow as smooth as possible.
I’m living in India and I’m looking for interesting projects in Freelance but I’m also willing to relocate for an attractive company.

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