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Vladislav Lysenco
March 10, 2017
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MORPHOGENESIS is the first project I ever posted online. I had been working as UI designer at that time at USA studio and was investing my time in learning 3D. Designing and working after working hours everyday. It's mixed industry project, crossover of futuristic ui and science fiction environment.

Morphogenesis (from the Greek morphê shape and genesis creation, literally, "beginning of the shape") is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. The main protagonist is going through changes. Forging himself into a new entity by physical and mental transformation. The whole project is a metaphor for liberation.

I used mainly Illustrator for all HUD elements. This project is a result of my investment of my time in 3D. Cinema 4D for FX elements, like spheres, lighting etc. 3D Coat to sculpt the environment and monster and other creatures. Post effects were made in Photoshop.

But in the beginning there was a little attention toward the project. But I continued to emerge my vision in pixels and after the third project published online I received a lot of attention, and it gave me strength to go.

Vladislav Lysenco

Vlad is a passionate artist whose area of expertise includes design of interfaces and concept art.

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