“Mo(th)on drifter”

“Mo(th)on drifter” is an illustration project about a dream for easy space travel. Combined with the light shed when expanding our view brought to your mind. By being interested in space travel we are upbringing our intellectual capacity. So the girl in my illustration is calmly hoping and dreaming that one day she could see our planet from above while the night sky is shining.

Its a personal project so the idea is something that I, myself hope for one day and look forward to.
I am deeply interested in fairy-tales,animation and story telling. Also I am fascinated with space.
I chose working on a Wacom Intous tablet using compatible colors to bring balance and a calming feeling to the viewer.

In this illustration I used a Wacom Intous 4 tablet and pen and Adobe Photoshop.
I began with the background and slowly built through the digital painting with shapes and later on – details.
I like to have a previous sketch for the project so my process would not be lost or confused during.

I like to consult my ideas with the children I have around me – because I believe in the pure mind and imagination of a child.
The children and the adults – loved the artwork and found it really interesting, new and in a way – a rare and interesting representation of space travel.

I learned more about the time I have to spend on a drawing and how important it is to think about it and sketch it before you do it.
“Mo(th)on drifter” is a project that showed me that I have to pay more attention and spend more time on the details in my drawing because the viewer – a child or an adult – will look at the details and that will bring more charm to your drawing.

“Mo(th)on drifter” is one of my first digital paintings I have ever done.
I would like to recommend to my artist readers or other who work or would like to work on a creative profession – never give up on studying what you love and want to do.
Compare yourself to learn from others and their work but dont be too hard on yourself – especially if you are just starting on something.
Always keep a diary of your work and always work as much as you can and as often as you can.
Working on your art and – as a matter of fact – anything that you love doing, will be important and 100% bring the level of your work high and stable.

Mira Miroslavova

Freelance illustrator based in Sofia, Bulgaria with over 4 years experience in visual arts.