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Motus: Combatting Smartphone Addiction

Motus: Combatting Smartphone Addiction

Hugo Hope-Wynne
September 30, 2017
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A socially responsible concept phone that tackles the factors surrounding smartphones that lead to addiction and dependency, such as complex social media and gaming. The simple device serves only practical functional use. Any phone which only provides these simple functions does not provide an intuitive user experience and uses outdated technology with little attention to aesthetics.

The idea came from researching the increasing amount of technology addiction and thinking about how these figures are only going to increase. As a result I wanted to design a concept phone that is socially responsible and steers away from market leaders which prioritise money over responsibility. The idea behind the phone is that it has a contemporary appearance and modern technology but only provides necessary and practical function.

After the initial concept was thought out through discussion and brainstorming the rough sketches were carried out. Once I had a base idea of the CMF a series of photoshop renders were carried out. This led to a series of Rhino sketch models, then a few 3D printed forms to nail down the final Rhino model. This was then taken over to Keyshot for CMF fine tuning and eventually final renders.

The main aim of this project was to learn about socially responsible design and although the product may not be suitable for market as it would have a fairly niche consumer base, I believe it shows that it is possible for phones to be manufactured and designed which are modern yet not 'smart'.

Hugo Hope-Wynne

Highly self motivated and passionate product designer studying at Nottingham Trent University. Always looking for new opportunities.

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