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Mountain Environment, Bjelasnica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Mountain Environment, Bjelasnica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

VAVO Studio
January 30, 2018
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The project is made by Nox architects, Sarajevo. We are pleased that we had the opportunity to visualize it. It's a building, with apartments on Bjelasnica in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The building has ground floor and 4 stories. Metal facade in combination with stone is nice ambient for mountain/forest environment. Interior is a Scandinavian style with accent colors.

As usually, architects choose the materials and colors and we give advice whether it's dark or bright. We got the trust of our clients and partners, so we have freedom for rendering style. It's all about the feeling. Sometimes is better to visualize a building on a sunny day, because of the environment and sometimes night visualization to show how a building can be a piece of art with the lights and cheerful colors.

Well, everything starts with drawings and reference images. Usually, we get the drawings in AutoCad, ArchiCad. The first step is analyzing the project and getting drawings ready for importing in 3ds Max. Lighting, Texturing, Cameras, and composition is done in 3ds Max and Vray. We mentioned reference images in the beginning. They give us a sense of atmosphere, lighting, and the color palette that we'd like to achieve on our images. Very last, but not least, post-production in Adobe Photoshop.

Respond is very nice and we like to hear your critics and comments. We like critics more than good comments. That is the way that we improve our work.
We always tend to learn new stuff and to try the different things with each project. Learning new software and try to have different access to new projects.

Keep learning and analyzing architecture. Look for reference projects, reference images that would leave you indifferent. Learn new stuff!

VAVO Studio

We are studio based in Sarajevo, (Bosnia & Herzegovina) comprised of artists, designers, architects..
Our visuals are made with same passion and patience any piece of art is created with.

VAVO is one of Bosnia's rare boutique studios specialized in creating atmosphere of architectural spaces through images.
We visualize space that yet doesn't exist and appreciate that we are sometimes first to feel a space.

Our goal is clear: Visualize your projects on unique way.
Each image providing its own story, strength, character and emotion.
VAVO Studio will help and satisfy clients with the quality of the visualization.
Image that doesn't leave your senses indifferent.

Did we mentioned that we like to cook, eat nice food, play tennis?
To achieve balance and improve quality we create atmosphere. We create art!

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