Create a brand and the entire universe of it. Then you have to create and iconic watch which has to reflect the brand. The watch has to be producable and has all the watch code that we could see in Swiss watches.

I took the idea of the solar system with all the planets which interact with the sun. They turn around the sun in different way.
I tried to undestrand that and transcribe it in the concept.
The sun is represented by the “tourbillon” which is in the center of the watch.

On this project I worked with Illustrator and Photoshop to define the proportions and the shapes. Then I moved to CAD to have the perfect details for me.
Every pieces in this watch are real, everything works.
After making my CAD on Rhino, I moved to Keyshot where I create an environment for the watch to improve what i want transcribe in each image.

General people really like it and find it beautiful with a really good proportion for a watch.
On the wrist it’s only 38 mm which is the perfect size for me.
They learn how to create a watch and how to make render which as an emotion in it.

I’m just a watch lover and I want to share all what I know on this subject, so feel free to contact me.

Sinibaldi Clément

Watch designer
Industrial designer
Product designer

Working for a lot of company as BMW, Maurice Lacroix, Bell & Ross, Dyson, Philips, etc..