MUJI Redesign Concept

Why did I decide to develop a new design for MUJI store? I guess it’s a general trend that many designers are suggesting fresh design solutions for prominent brands and companies.

As part of this trend, I decided to develop a new look for MUJI. I really like the conservative and neat concept of the brand, as well as their elegant and easy-to-use products.

The current MUJI website is a bit outdated. I thought it reasonable to suggest a new design, which would adhere to the brand’s general style and philosophy.

For the main page, I developed a very simple structure. All the important elements – minimalistic menu, search, and shopping cart – are always available for the user.

Below are the banners with the most popular products, as well as a slider with all the other categories.

I believe users should not waste their time searching for the necessary section of the store, so I tend to highlight the most popular sections first, and the ones with lesser priority second.

Considering that main pages usually feature special offers and deals, I added several dedicated banners and a block with bestselling products.

I think I’ve managed to strike a good balance between commerce and style.

For the catalogue, I decided to keep a simple display grid and make the filters as short as possible – to emphasize product images instead.

Some products are arranged inside broad blocks featuring large images and titles, which are well suited for advertising latest offers.

I removed all the unnecessary elements from the product’s page, focusing solely on the product itself. Large images, product characteristics and price contribute to a sound purchase decision.

I discovered that in the process of redesigning, one gains a better understanding of the brand’s essence and its core advantages. Whether or not MUJI will implement my design, it will definitely help them rethink the current website. ?

Look at the full version on Behance

Illia Nesterov

I’m a Ux/UI designer from Ukraine with over 5 years experience.
Available for freelance work & UX/UI consultation.