Multiple Set Staging Made Inhouse at INART, a furniture and decoration company

Set Staging under the creative direction of the Inart decorators department and with the help of our product photographer. Every scene we made has its own potential and loved the whole process. Different styles, different furnitures and decorations all can blend in a way that can showcase a beautiful visual experience.

To set the staging we first picked our theme. Should it be romantic, industrial, modern, classy, elegant, boho etc. and we started from creating a corresponding environment. And then we started placing furniture and decoration to form an overall harmony.

We used 3ds max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop. Our photographer shot the products. And from there as reference I convert the products into 3D models and we formed the scenes from there on. After that we waited for the renders to finish. We did some photoshop and voila!

People were excited for every project we finished and went live we posted on facebook and instagram. I learned to decorate and place furnitures in the right positions. Also I learned that texturing is one of the factors for the success of your project.

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Fotis Kazantzidis

Interior designer and 3d artist currently working for large furniture brands and architectural studios in Greece. My line is minimal and contemporary.