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MUMb'art : Art from the streets of Mumbai

MUMb'art : Art from the streets of Mumbai

Sonali Agle
June 2, 2021
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Urban art is one of the vibrant and exciting art moments around today.I have grown up with this art around me and it has somewhere or another inspired me to be in the field I am today. So, it came as a perfect opportunity for me to give back, on my own terms, to this wonderful city that has seen me grow as a person and a designer.
In this inspirational collection, the hidden gullies of Mumbai are explored which treasure the art of the city. Alongside, renowned artists who have beautified the streets of Mumbai are glorified with examples of their work, methods and backgrounds.This project is entitled Mumb'art as it focuses on the Art of Mumbai.

We had a publication design module as a part of our college assignment, where in we could choose any topic of our interest and design a book on it. Growing up in Mumbai, I was quite familiar with our streets also famously known as 'gullies' over here.
Graffiti and street art has always intrigued me and I wanted to dig deep into who was behind it and the process of creating an artwork. I already had a vision regarded how I want my final book to 'look' like, which would be raw yet directly from the streets of Mumbai so the people could easily connect to it and make it their own. I also wanted to show people that Mumbai is not only about bollywood and traffic and fast life, but there also lies this hidden artistic side of Mumbai which very few have discovered.

I did a research on the existing streetart and graffitis around Mumbai and tried to connect with the artists behind it before I wandered through the streets/gullies for the next 3 weeks. The first on my list was Mr.Ranjit Dahiya (B.A.P) who is knows for his beautiful and massive art painting over the streets showing his love for Bollywood, I was lucky enjoy to set an interview with him to know in detail about his work,style,methods and so on.He later introduced me to one of the artists who was in town making a mural in the Bandra fish-market and asked me to try my luck & hunt him down for this project. I was able to meet Alaniz in the fish market who was completing his mural, who was kind enough to let me document his entire process and hlp me with the interview. After this I was able to pull of a telephonic interview with none other than Tyler who is also known as the 'Banski of India'.
I went around the city, ticking off the list of graffitis I spotted and took pictures of them and summarised them in my book.
All the content published as well as the photographs rightfully belong to me.

My readers, especially from Mumbai were shocked to know that these places even existed in a city they have lived for years! Most of them asked me to be their tour guide next time they were visiting town hahah!
To be very honest, this was one of the best projects I have worked on single-handedly and I grew in love with my beautiful city even more after this!

I would love y'all to go through my book to know this beautiful city.Also, feel free to DM me if y'all want to get a digital copy of it!

Sonali Agle

I am Sonali Agle and currently I’m completing my Bachelors in Visual Communications from UID.I feel a person’s style of work speaks on the behalf of the person itself.I believe in learning and experimenting, it keeps me going in this field. Apart from showing off my artsy skills, I have always been successful in singing the wrong lyrics, laughing at the wrong moments and perennially being late on most occasions. I’m an ambivert with an extra dose of introvert, the Mumbaikar in me says a lot about my personality.

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