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Mushroom Needlecover

Mushroom Needlecover

Liao Jie
July 19, 2019
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Combine Adorable form, Appropriate material, and Improved functions and process, Mushroom Cover, which has a mushroom-shape needle cover, changes the way people used to think about needles. Make the injection process more intuitive and also gives the needle a better impression.

Children always show their fear of needles, even struggles during blood test or Intravenous injection, and it makes doctor works difficultly all the time. Even though for adults, the needle is also a horrible thing that so many have a phobia to it.

We used Cinema 4D and Rhino for modeling and rendering. In the beginning, we just have a bad impression on needles as many people do, and we thought there is gonna be something a designer can improve. Therefore we did some research and dig deep inside the needle market then we found out that there are so much unnecessary parts in a needle design. We just tried to come up with a better and reasonable way a needle is going to be.

We create Mushroom Needlecover, which has a mushroom-shape needle cover. Not only replaces the traditional protection tube, but also gives needle a better impression. Additionally, the top of the mushroom form can be flipped then spread out in order to stick the needle stable. We use medical-silicone material, which can be easily flipped and also harmless for a long time contact with the skin.

liao Jie

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