The project’s name speaks for itself and reveals the whole essence of love to music which touches the depth of heart and reflects the state of the soul. By presenting the project I wanted to convey one of my daily mottos “Be different. Be creative. Be inspired.” Be like music pieces: changeable, flexible as well as imaginative.

If fact this project was created by chance… on impulse. Nevertheless, it was Saturday evening when Mary came to my place. We planned to make a beautiful photo serial for publishing at Creativity Moves the World on New Year Eve. I like make things beautiful and much more I love music, piano playing and guitars while Mary is an aspiring talented photographer. So, that evening we were working under the project “Orange Ghost”. The whole wanted photos were taken, all the ideas were realize. It was about 10 pm and at that moment a bit tired but still so much inspired I was playing the piano when Mary started taking photos and here idea stroke into my head to create a touching tender soft photo series. At the beginning we didn’t mean to make any project, we didn’t plan or even think about it. However, it turned to be nice and here it is.

I can do with 10 figures to count all things, material and intangible ones, we used in the process. There are 7 material things: camera Nikon with a photographic lens AF-S Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4G ED VR, the piano, an artificial flower, a dress, chair to sit and finally Photoshop Lightroom to work under the optical exposure and colors as it was late time and we were lack of light a bit. The rest things we used were joy, passion and music.

We didn’t do any wide mass publicity of the project and didn’t try to spread or share in all possible however we published it on behance and Frankly speaking, we had a good time then and now as a result of the project I would like to note one important thing – gather with people on the same wavelength, share your skills, inspiration, enthusiasm and ideas. Such happy moments are priceless.

Tatiana Solodovnikova

My name is Tatiana. I’m a logistician with a creative winged soul from Belarus.
Music, Technology, People, Design – 4 whales of my inspiration that make me fly up. These days there are 2 creative projects in progress:
1) Creativity Moves the World – how do Technology interact with the world of Art?
2) Creative Muffin – the area of photography passion developed with the help of my friend Mary
I’m always opened and happy to new frienships, partnerships and cooperations.
Let’s share ideas and do the best!
See you!

P. S. Be different. Be creative. Be inspired.