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Mute City

Mute City

Jonathan ocasio
June 18, 2018
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Mute City is a series of photos of different locations or scenes that I felt a connection to.
I'm primarily an illustrator but have been taking photos on my walks for a while now. It helps
to spark the imagination and inspire new visuals, It's also something that is very therapeutic for me.
This is the city as I see it.

I think for this group of photos I wanted to pay more attention to light and shadow, symmetry and asymmetry.
I'm always on the look out for new locations to shoot, places to draw inspiration from. These are the quiet times
in a city that can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

All photos were shot with A NIKON Lite•Touch Zoom 105 on Portra Film.
The camera I use is a simple point and shoot which makes it easier for me to
focus on what's in front of me and not fuss over the details.
I also really love the the lo-fi quality the Film and Camera lend to the images.

I think part of the appeal of these photos is trying to pinpoint where these places actually are.
The framing of the shot is something that I think I may have gotten better at, I feel it's trained
my eye to catch interesting shadows and composition.

I've learned to be patient when shooting, often times I rush through the last clips of the roll in order to
send the film to the developer. It's important to wait for the right shot, at least it is for me
when shooting locations.

Thanks for taking the time to check these Photos out!
Y & N

jonathan ocasio


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