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Antonio Wisesa
January 19, 2023
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a personal project i did on the side of my freelancing works.

I was growing up not knowing my own culture, and from my experiences of illustrating picture books, i had the chance to research many of cultures throughout South East Asia, especially Indonesia, my own country, even more particular, Javanese culture, which is i am born as. In this project i try to depict how humanity's future would be, if it's done from our current social and environmental problems, with the aesthetic of many cultures in SEA.

Within the world of Mutja, humanity through perseverance and luck, managed to create a device, called Ambrasta, with the ability to copy anything. The Ambrasta is then spread to everyone, so each individual can now have limitless possibility to have what they need in life, materially. of course with such thing to exist, our existence won't be the same, what would we do, what would we face next, if every of our material needs are fulfilled, certainly existence won't leave us scott-free and left us with no trouble, even with all new regulations and way of life, there would still be turmoil within us, as we are humans after all.

I work digitally, ever since i learnt to draw and plunged into the field. so i made it easy on myself and use Photoshop as usual. The colors used in this project is mainly mint green and cyan highlight, to depict both the coldness of future existence, and tranquility, and because i like the color basically.

I use Photoshop for the whole project.

well, at first i had an idea, a composition in mind, and try the best i can to replicate it through the medium. at times it doesn't come close as beautiful as i had in mind, but i took strides with that. I also research and look for references so i can depict it as detailed as possible, with grounding in reality.

I'm glad many took it well, and i was lucky enough to earn a living from my personal project.

What i learnt was, i still need to learn so much.

And probably, the future i hoped for within the project, is something i won't see in my own lifetime.

i hope you enjoyed my works, and i wish we'll reach such future.

Antonio Wisesa

I'm an Illustrator, and i make ethereal, detailed artworks

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