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My distorted being

My distorted being

Ana Córdoba Crespo
June 3, 2019

Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it.
It’s here where the paradox of reality appears because the world is nothing but an illusion constructed by our brains.
I have been focusing my study on things no one believes are real but I do. Because I’m weird.

I come up with the idea while I was at the library at 5:35 am and with a high percentage of caffeine in my veins. I was tired and me and a friend decided to take a break and put my face on the library scanner. Sounded normal at the moment. So yh, we were there, with the sun slowly entering through the window of the first floor procrastinating from everything we should be doing. Best ideas are never planned, we all know that. And in general aspects of my life, I never have plans, I never have a step to follow.
To be honest I did it in black & white because the copies where cheaper, and the looked cool. The material it’s me, my own face.

I started with the idea of photoshop, as we all know it’s the most accessible tool for everyone to distort something. But it wasn’t enough personal for me, that’s why I tried the idea of using my own being on a scanner. A normal scanner found at the library. I basically placed by faced in different ways to get the one that mostly represent that deformation, that distortion.

Some people thought it was weird because of the fact that was my own face the one that was being distorted. But that was exactly the point of this, getting something we all have as intangible and twisted it into something that it’s not. People know me as what they think that I am but they don’t know all the hypothetical Ana’s living out there.

Ana Córdoba Crespo

3 comments on “My distorted being”

  1. Is it the physical that’s distorted or the spiritual. Are you distorting your physical face as a vessel of your distorted soul? Hahahalol

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