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My Home Town

My Home Town

Michael K Yearout
March 16, 2018
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A series of images I have created of my hometown over the last several years. The intent is to show various aspects of the town during different times of the year as well as to show some of the surrounding beauty of the area.

This idea sprang from my interest in creating images of beautiful things. I want to convey the beauty of my home town during all the seasons of the year. The idea came to me on a whim as I was thinking about what I could post that would interest people. I thought, "you know, this town and surrounding area has some stunning scenery. Why not share it and see what others think.

Canon DSLR's and lenses - including a Canon Rebel, D30, D60, 6D 6D Mark II, G-12 and assorted iPhones over the years, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, DxO's PhotoLab and various plugins. Filters such as graduated neutral density, circular polarizers and neutral density. Some were planned shots where I knew where I wanted to go and the shot I wanted to make, others were just luck - being in the right place at the right time.

As I am just starting the project, it is too soon to judge how people will respond. After my initial few posts the response has been very positive. As I continue to add to the project I expect more reactions.

Michael K Yearout

Stunning images for extraordinary spaces. That is what I create. I am an award winning commercial, architectural and real estate photographer. I have a natural ability to compose images - layering the affects of perspective, distance and light to create rich compositions. Great photography always has had more to do with the photographers talent than the tools he uses.

I custom design each photo shoot to fit each individuals needs. I believe in strong communication, action, attention to detail and commitment to providing you with the highest quality work to use to augment your marketing materials, secure new clients, win awards and boost your professional image.

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