My Week

This is a personal project . I decided to illustrate one week of my life with all the problems and feelings that I’d experienced.
and surprisingly every day I was in a different mood. and it was a good thing because I could make different illustrations. and sometimes because I knew that at the end of the day there was an Illustration waiting for me, I tried to do different activities.
I think I’m gonna do that again . maybe try a different style!
– I know that Tuesday is missing, that’s because I was sick and I couldn’t make it 🙁 –

It was a busy week for me and I had a lot to do . and then there was this idea to challenge myself and do more and it was fun too ,in the end I did all the projects and it turned out wonderful .

I used adobe Photoshop and Wacom Intuos Pro. sometimes I start with pencil and paper, but for this project I started with digital sketches because it is faster .
about the style, I knew how I’m going to paint them so the only thing I had to do was coloring .
and also choosing the colors related to the mood.

It was so good .although it was just a little personal project but I had a lot of feedback and received great comments . people loved it .
And honesty I didn’t expect something like this, I was so busy with work that I only needed to do something to make my mind rest a bit and it turned out to be an awesome experience.

Soraya Mokhtari