Mystic Places by Marianne Zmokly

Marianne Zmokly’s “Mystic places”, are mysterious, authentic places steeped in a mystery. Left to the discovery of these places, it is first and foremost an inner quest. It happens at a particular time – a union between the material and the spiritual. Through these landscapes these are existential questions as the like between Life and Death as well as a possibility of Transcendence, which give us to think.

This world, become an adult, having lost that spark of mystery, the child that is in us is linked to his memories, what he lived, felt. It is this idea that what we perceive is only the desire to find again this mystery, this childhood. This quest, it is a quest towards transcendence of imagination found again. You can’t change this world, filled with violence. But we can transform it through our ideas, our imagination, our inner world. I chose to treat this series of monochromatic landscapes, because I find that black and white has a side timeless, and devoid of any superfluous contrast color.
– Marianne Zmokly

To format this project I used two cameras. I started with a Canon 50D and I subsequently continued with a Nikon D600. Personally I have a preference for Nikon, because the rendering of the photo better matches my expectations. I used Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5 for the black and white treatment.

– Marianne Zmokly

Inspiration is all around us. Just look up to admire. Sometimes we have the feeling that we should go ‘far’ to find the answers to our questions and sometimes, the answers will be before our eyes. What I love through landscape photography is that we have to taking time to get what we want. Sometimes we should go back on the place to try again. The Landscape is an adventure in itself. It is a sort of stalking with Nature, with this unchanging thing. we are spectators of a world constantly changing. And the Beauty of Nature remains and will remain as a durability model.

– Marianne Zmokly

About Marianne Zmokly

Marianne Zmokly is a 27-year-old Professional French Photographer. The picture has proved to her at the age of 17. She started as self-taught then she passed and graduated to exercise as a photographer. For her, “photography is before one meeting with each other.” Her life, she see it as a long trip or she will develop herself as and to meet new people and meditate to majestic landscapes.