Mystic Seoul

I want to introduce my city through my artworks; to other people, especially non-Koreans. I hope lot of foreigners will visit my city so I’m promoting it through my artworks – to make my city known to many people. Lots of food, active people .. those are some natural things to see in Seoul. I would like you to feel the Night of Seoul directly from this picture.
New experience and world is waiting for you.

I’ve got inspired by my favorite illustrator’s work, his name is ‘Romain Trystram’. Played the mood of night with strong contrast, applying the mixture of light and darkness with unrealistic color, it feels like being welcome from the night of the city with dreamy sensibility.

Illustrator and photoshop – using super gradient and deep contrast.

Like what I said, I was inspired by artist Romain Trystam, so I really studied his works and tried recreate my own. That is how I came up with Mystic Seoul – I really wanted to showcase the beauty of Seoul to other countries.

I work for an advertising company, but I’m working on my personal work steadily to develop my skills. There is a lack of planning and improvisation, but I believe that having creative activity on a regular and providing ideas gives me much more experience and opportunity.

I’m lucky enough to be introduced to you.

First mystic, Han-River is the representative night view of Seoul in Korea.
Han-River is a gigantic river across the center of Seoul.
Lot of people came here for relaxation, camping and exercise.
There is lot of food to eat and happiness place for couples and friends.

Second mystic is Seoul’s Namsan Tower, you can see night view in Seoul one sight.
Namsan tower is located at high level of mountain. Famous restaurant, observatory and cable cars are placed at Namsan tower. Attraction that Couple can promise their love with lock barbed wire.

Last mystic of Seoul is COEX, representative of Asia’s exhibition and convention center.
G20 and other international conferences, fairs and K-POP performances are being actively carried out.

song hojong