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N₂  ''modem-router''

N₂ ''modem-router''

Semay Serbest
February 28, 2018
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This modem-router is simple, functional and is also different. Get started with a few simple taps. N₂ features simultaneous dual-band Wi‑Fi. That means it transmits at both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time, so no matter which band your wireless devices use, they’ll automatically connect to the best available band for the fastest possible performance. One-minute touchscreen set up, touchscreen the focus on your device. Hidden cables section are located. Smaller footprint, more desk space. Designed with performance in mind. Sped up, easy setup. Go from out of the box to online, fast. N₂ are product designed without any realistic limitations.

Nitrogen (N₂) makes up almost 80% of our atmosphere, I thought the modem-router name/form must have same name/form as the features in that N₂. I used the white color because pure, own color of the material, the design needed to be simple, long-lasting. This is a form of unobtrusive circle that my design. This project creativity is the result of two notions association: Basic + futuristic. So your Wi‑Fi signal is stronger, clearer and faster.

- I use an Wacom Cintiq for ugly sketches at process start. That said, I use it for modem-router design which means layouting rather than drawing.
Then came the idea of making minimal and functional and I went researching-benchmark.
- I am making a product models to find the right form. (Paper, plexiglass, 3d printer, cardboard etc.)
- The third step was to give realism to the modem, which resulted using the Rhino-Keyshot. Other tools: Photoshop, Illustrator.
- Prototype
This process help me to be more creative and provide better products at the end. N₂ that also has its own cables making it easier to hidden with.

Feedbacks, reviews and responses have been positive. Conversation with several manufacturers to develop N₂ in a industrial way, modem-router is always looking for potential partners to develop and distribute it. At the technical level modem did teach me anything new, it was very complex to do, but the resulting product looks simple (less is more, facts). Perfection in its simplicity, function. Instead of looking like its peers, unlike others, this is a good material to create a modern, minimal design that adds to the value of an already valuable device, giving it a character and elevating it above a generic wifi device to something more personal. This technology also allows for a more compact and portable design, although it is also more costly. A customer/user said ‘’The high speed mobile internet has powered apps, rich media content, and streaming. N₂ is the best modem design of the 21st century’'. Personally I think this is a lot of innovative.

The responsive touchscreen allows you to set up your N₂ in just one minute, using only your fingertips and with no need for a separate PC, smartphone or tablet. Free yourself from overly complicated network configuration. Speed: 802.11ac: 1,300Mbps 802.11n: 450Mbps, Connectivity: 2 x Gigabit LAN port, Fast Ethernet, USB, reset, Features: Wi-Fi technology, 6.1-inch oled retina touchscreen, Processor, PA, WAN/LAN, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, WAN Port, USB, Antennas (default), Touchscreen Display, Size: 6.1", Resolution: 2436x1125 The right size for an excellent view. Screen: Capacitive higher touch sensitivity eliminates the need for a stylus. Color:16bit RGB, Up to 65536 Colors for more vivid, natural colors and a better visual experience, Panel: G + F (Glass + Film), Exhibits excellent light transmitting properties, Driver: Independent MCU, Ensures high sensitivity, accuracy, and stability, The 4.0 GHz dual core Broadcom Processor ensures excellent performance and allows you to experience stable connections throughout your entire home. 1000 m² range. What you do with all that extra speed is up to you.

Semay Serbest

Industrial designer
Industry 5.0

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