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Naija Air | Nigerian Airline Visual Identity Design

Naija Air | Nigerian Airline Visual Identity Design

Faheed Alli-Balogun
September 11, 2019

Naija Air is a new Nigerian Airline which aims at giving their passengers the "ultimate Nigerian airline experience" at affordable prices, they want to "take Nigeria to the world with pride".
They needed branding and wanted it to be done by a Nigerian Designer to keep their 100% Nigerian vision.

This identity design was tailored to portray the brand attributes, mission and vision of the brand. Green and white have been chosen as the primary brand colours as the brand is 100% Nigerian and part of the objectives is to give passengers (Nigerians as well as non-Nigerians) 'the ultimate Nigerian airline experience'. A monochromatic colour scheme was the solution to the brand having only one real colour, Green. Other tints and shades of the chosen green hue were made to create an extensive colour palette and allow for easy transitioning from light to dark themed designs.
The Logomark was derived from the most Nigerian element one could ever find, The Nigerian National flag as well as the Nigerian National Animal, the eagle. This helps give a 100% Nigerian feeling to the brand. The mark is also shaped like a speaker as the slogan of the brand is "Nigeria to the world, with pride". The logotype was made out of carefully Kerned and tracked 'Helvetica Bold' font.
Helvetica and Helvetica Neue were chosen as the brand typefaces as they were the safest and the most trusted options (by the client as well as me) for a brand of this kind. Helvetica as it is a font that has a great balance between being modern and ancient and has proven over time to be timeless, this will help appeal to a wider range of age groups. Helvetica Neue has been chosen as the secondary typeface to be used on designs specific to a much younger age group as it is more modern.
Patterns were made out of the mark as this helps leave a lasting impression on the passengers long after their trips as they see the mark of the brand on the souvenirs gotten from their trips, this can help create a lasting impression and create a rapport between the brand and the customers. This approach was further pursued as the mark was used extensively as a design element across different applications of the branding.
Making the logo responsive was also a priority so variants of the original mark were made with advice on applications of each provided in the guide.

I used Gravit designer to sketch out the logomark (since I like their pen/path tool better), then I exported an SVG of it into Adobe Illustrator and started designing. I kerned and tracked the logotype and brought them together to form the logo.
I used Adobe illustrator to make the patterns and variants of the original mark to allow for flexibility and responsiveness at different sizes and in different spaces.
I used Adobe Photoshop to design mockups and applications.

People have responded pretty well.
Especially on my Instagram @dotman_designer. I can't really gauge how well people have responded on Behance as this was actually my first Behance post. I am pretty new to Behance and would appreciate some support over there as well.

If you are a branding enthusiast or in need of branding, DM me (dotman_designer on Instagram)
I love to meet other creatives and of course, more clients.
Feel free to check the Behance post as I really went in-depth on explaining every step taken in this Visual Identity Design.
Thanks for reading,

Faheed Alli-Balogun

Hi there, I am a Nigerian Brand Identity Designer.
I love helping brands design Identity systems and I have a knack for minimalist design.

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