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Naked by Rafael Cipolla

Naked by Rafael Cipolla

Marianne Piano
December 30, 2015
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The Naked Project is a personal project by Rafael Cipolla and Thiago Godoy. It aims to showcase a reliable packaging of fresh, healthy and natural products. The products are perfect for the holidays. Check out this yummy treat! Enjoy!

From the scratch, I mean, from the main idea (fresh fruit + coconut water pop cycles) to strategy and visual identity and even to production, advertise and sales were all done by me and Thiago Godoy.

- Rafael Cipolla



The project took 3 months to be set up as a clear idea then bringing it to real world took a couple months more. Photography, ink brush calligraphy, and pattern design were the main tasks. Working with Photoshop and Illustrator.

- Rafael Cipolla




The main idea came up from a personal issue about how untrustworthy were other brands promises in about being "fresh, natural, healthy..." - so then, one question came up "How would a truly natural Popsicle looks like?" And the answer was simple: fruit pieces should be seen! No one could doubt about it! So, the coconut water wrapped it up - Transparency and nutrition facts guaranteed - we felt safe to put more effort on the business as long as we have a product that we truly believe.

- Rafael Cipolla



My advice is to get involved in working on something you really believe. Doing it, you put the best part of you in action.

- Rafael Cipolla


Rafael Cipolla is a Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur from São Paulo, Brazil. He and his team established Naked - Sorvete Saudável. See more of his amazing artworks in Behance, follow him on Instagram and his website.

One comment on “Naked by Rafael Cipolla”

  1. I love the lettering here! I feel like the whole unpolished, hand-drawn look of it really compliments the product and the "naked" name really perfectly. It helps that the popsicles themselves look absolutely delicious as well! I also find the colors to be very compelling and attention-drawing. The whole package is wonderful!

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