Native Tribe by Jacqueline Y. Maddox

Native Tribe is a value added package that includes two glasses. The liqueur brand’s overall design was inspired by the influence of nature in tribal culture. Let us take a look on Jacqueline Maddox’s design for this native tribe project. Hope you will like it.

I choose to use earth tones to bring out the mood and calmness of nature and hand tinted the glasses to match the color of the alcohol. To create the physicality of the project, I used materials such as beads,cloths, leather string, and hay for the packaging to give the entire project a tribal look and feel. This was one of my personal favorite projects because I was able to use my handcraft and typographic skills for the branding. This was a student project I was assigned my senior year of college.

– Jacqueline Y. Maddox






About Jacqueline Y. Maddox

Jacqueline Y. Maddox is a graduate of 2014 Philadelphia University’s Graphic Design Communications Program. She always had a love for art and design which traces back to her early childhood. As early as age 8, she attended art classes at Moore College and University of the Arts to pursue her interests in basic drawing, illustration, and animation. She attended the Philadelphia Charter High School of Architecture and Design in 2004-2008. Through the many various art and design classes she has taken part in, she became more versatile in her skills and open to acquiring new ones. During her free time, she enjoys drawing cartoons, illustrating, and creating different characters for stories that she develops. Currently, her graphic design work consists of developing logos, icons, branding identity, brochures, marketing advertisements and publication as well as a lot of hand drawn illustrations to accompany her work. You can find more of her work on her Behance profile or  website.