Natural Cosmetic Package

The main task was to create package which can describe women cosmetic line. Organic blossom is Austrian natural cosmetic made from organic products, its delicate and the design should be fresh and a little bit naïve. This series includes olive oil hair lotion, honey moisturizer and avocado cream.

For me this natural product associates with botanical motives so I’ve tried to explain for each bottle what it is inside. There are three of them: olive oil hair lotion, honey moisturizer and avocado cream. So I drew some botanical illustrations in watercolors and tried to do them really soft and naïve.

All my watercolors I draw in three steps. The first part is sketching when I draw as much ideas as possible, it were different plants and flowers because of the natural essentials of the product. The second part start after approving sketches. It is the step when I draw absolutely in watercolors, I always use a little bit of water to make the picture look more detailed and not so wet on the paper. The third part is the pencil one, its the part when I do more details and add some shades and lights. After this I scan my work and edit it a little bit in Photoshop.

I was so lucky to work on this project and I really like it because of the work I made and the lessons I learnt. It was also one of my first experiments with logo branding and some web stuff. By the way its one of my most favorite theme to draw so I really appreciate this project.

Anastasia Bakusheva

Illustrator living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I enjoy drawing food and botanical illustrations, also I’m making package design and invitations. Open for all interesting projects.

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