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Alexia Sales
November 12, 2019

The Nature project is about my look at the world around me, where I show natural objects that are unnoticed by the most of people. Usually, I go out and take pictures of all I see and all the things I think that is beautiful and then I try to put my own style on the picture.

The idea came without pretension, but it became something important that I added my own style.
My photography style is more "dark", so I brought this to the project. And I'm a big fan of black and white,
that's why the most pictures are on this color.

In this project I used my basic photographic equipment: Canon T3i with a 50mm 1.8 lens.
In post production I used my favorite software Lightroom with my own presets (soft colors and a strong black and white).
And I love natural light, so I decided to used it on this project.

My friends and family liked the project and it's gratifying to me to hear it, because after this, I started to observe the nature around me every single day and see it in an artistic and important way.
This project made me create my own style, that's why I love it.

Alexia Sales

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