This was my first autobiographic comic, using only visual narrative I tried to emulate my different experiences about seeking protection through mystical backgrounds. There is no correct order of reading . each page has complete meaning by itself allowing the reader to create his own timeline.

The idea for the project came from a will to end a phase of my art life where all my characters were alter egos of me. Also, because my references are filled with mithology, I decided to mix that up on the background of this personal search that now came to an end.
The lack of dialog and color were chosen to give a felling that the story happened in the past, like a flashback, seeing how it tells a tale of a phase that already ended.

Every time I work with a comic, I use thumbnails as a guide in the beginning, where I signal how everything is getting framed, like which characters and objects will be on which plane or what’s the most important part of the page. After thumbnails, I start the sketches, finalizing the lines and colors on Photoshop.

Feedback was better then I expected it would be. Many asked for a physical copy, but as much as I wanted that version, I still need to revisit the project and make changes to the script and scenes.
With this project I learned to better organize myself on the assembly. Because of impatience, I’ve made some mistakes that I had to rectify later, but I’ve learned too, like where and how to search for theoretic and visual references that made the overall result sturdier and more complete.

Everyone can make comics, drawing isn’t a necessity, it’s just one of the techniques you can use on the production of you comic. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and always keep trying. Progress takes time, but it is worth it (giving it the time it needs).

Jeanine Cardoso

Illustrator from Brazil, 25 years old, in love with comics and anime – most of my personal work is inspired by the animation I watched when I was a kid, so I always try to bring them into my art.
Lately I’ve focused on my personal short comic that uses only images as narrative.