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Neo Deco Props for PREY

Neo Deco Props for PREY

Dmitry Sorokin
January 25, 2019
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This project is a part of concept art for Prey, a game by Arkane Studios released in May 2017. These specific props here are for Arboretum area of Talos I space station. It is an outdoor recreational area or a park on top of the station under a glass dome. So the props should be pleasant to look at by the people who work on Talos I and contrast with utilitarian hardware of labs and insides of the station.

The whole idea was established in early visual development stage of the game. Our art direction for offices area and lobby was a variation of Art Deco style, called Neo Deco. It's purpose is to represent the power and wealth of people who built that station.

My common tools for work overall and this project specifically are Photoshop and MODO. Here is the usual process I use for this type of design. First of all I do a series of exploratory sketches in photoshop. After discussion and feedback from art director I pick one that represents the vision the most, make some adjustments based on the feedback and prepare it for 3D. In this case I did all 3 - front, side and top - views to rough out a 3d model. Along with the geometry I use 3d to establish materials for the prop and save time by rendering it here instead of doing it in photoshop. As this is done for Arboretum, my materials are not only brass and painted metal but also a dirt and moss, as it is a humid environment of the park. After all my renders are done I export it all to photoshop to compose and add finishing touches.

It is hard to differentiate my work from the rest of the team in terms of public reception. However in many reviews on the game that I have watched and read they often mention the distinguished style represented in the game. And I am pleased to thinks that I have participated creating it. I definitely benefited from this project by training my eye for a better design and improving my 3D skills.

Talos I station is a vast, well thought out, contained and self-sufficient place, full of experience and ideas of a great team of Arkane Studios. And I encourage you to research and find another design gems that made this game one of the best interactive experiences of 2017.

Dmitry Sorokin

Hey! My name is Dmitry Sorokin. I am a freelance concept designer working on video games. I hold an engineering degree in oil & gas industry. And after 10 years career in that field I switched gears completely to pursue my passion - creating worlds. After acquiring Entertainment Design diploma in 2014 I was lucky to work with several video games and concept art companies including Arkane Studios, Bethesda, Bohemia Interactive and West Studio; and participated in production of several games with PREY being among the others.

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