Neo-Noir with Pincher

Portrait story “Neo-Noir with Pincher” focused on the neon colors of the street.I wanted to express myself through the colorful cinematic photography in Russia. This project was a part of my street portraits series.
It was such an exciting experience of shooting for me!

The mysterious man pensively stopped at a neon sign is not a fictional character played by a model, but a real person in his natural appearance.
When I first learned about Boogaloo Pincher – an extraordinary person, one of the pioneers of street dance culture in the USSR and Russia – the idea how to use his unique noir image immediately came to my mind. I decided to complete his look with a neon aesthetic inspired by Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”.

The hero of this set looks harmonic and natural as possible, because he does not try to portray some alien character , he literally becomes one. All clothes used in the project belong to the model.
All the locations from the shooting that had been giving the right atmosphere were accidentally found on the streets of Saint-Petersburg.
Canon 50 mm 1.8
Post-production: PS, Lightroom.

I learned how to shoot in unpredictable street conditions.
This neo-noir series is so important to me, because it served as the beginning for my neon works.
I found my style and understood how I want to shoot in the future.
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