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Neoclassic apartments

Neoclassic apartments

Nina Makarova
January 9, 2023
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The kitchen project in the neoclassical style was created for those who are not afraid of experimentation.

The customer wished to use neoclassical style furniture. I like bright and unusual colors in the interior. This is how this project was born.

First of all, I use my imagination in my projects. All the work takes place in Autodesk 3ds max. First of all, I build a model of the kitchen set. Then, around the model grows a space that merges as much as possible in style with the kitchen design. In the end, we get a finished project. Also, in post-processing I use Adobe Photoshop.

The customer was pleased with the design I chose. I also benefited from the project in the form of experience and satisfaction that I was able to understand the client's wishes.

Nina Shcmidt

I'm a 3d visualizer with 2 years of experience. I create high quality interior. I will help create a picture that the client wants to embody. I'm specialized in 3d max, Adobe Photoshop, Corona, AutoCAD.
Not so long ago I switched from office work to freelance and I am open for cooperation and suggestions.
For cooperation: [email protected] or my WhatsApp account: +79114919109

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