Neon PCS

This is a 3D Neon piece made for a Brazilian brand of communication, Creative Advertising. In this project I turned the Symbol of the brand into a play in Neon, giving an emphasis to the details. The end result pleased me a lot, do not expect such great feedback.

I’m in love with Neon, this vintage air attracts me a lot for the simplicity and the final visual effect. A classic piece for me never dies and so I like to try to get to the maximum of realism. I love make neon.

For work in Neon I always start exporting the Illustrator brand, so I can have my splines defined, then in Cinema 4D I start the modeling process, I use some basic tools to give volume to the bulbs. In Photoshop I do the color correction and then I go to After Effects to do the animations and final adjustments. I like to use materials that simulate realism.

One thing that draws a lot of people attention is actually the realim in some parts, it is cool to generate this curiosity, this arouses a great interest in which to make professionals strive more to arrive at a legal result. What motivates me is to see the feedback, it gives me more inspiration.

Be creative

Vinicius Araujo

Graphic and Motion Designer