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Vitor Lançoni
May 30, 2019
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Delightful canned tuna, handmade with a great storytelling and a gorgeous design.

The need to create a new solution came from my daily routine. I eat tuna regularly, and I see no value proposition in the flavors or the packaging. "We could improve that," I thought. "Why not?"

And so came the idea of ​​Neptune. A premium brand of tuna, extremely tasty, with a bold and refined design.

The used metals assume noble colors, as well as the dark and dense chromatic palette. The inspirations in Greco-Roman mythology are clear and reinforced in the divine aspect of the product.
In order to create this exclusivity, I had to manually create the typography for the logo, making a mixture of minimalist design with Greek griffins.

Manual Illustration:

I started the creative process by illustrating in sketches and raf the brand, the packaging. How to make something mundane become something premium?

Adobe Illustrator:

After this process, I started brand creation and visual identity in Illustrator. Logo, chromatic palette, texture, illustrations and typography, all vector and clean.

Adobe Dimension:

That done, it was time to work 3D mockups on this powerful platform.

Adobe Photoshop:

After rendering, I did post-treatment of the images and corrections in Photoshop, guaranteeing uniformity and visual quality to the work.

The acceptance of the product was nice, the coolest testimony I heard was this:

"I used to be ashamed to take tuna to work because of my diet! Now I will have pleasure, the packaging looks beautiful and the extremely tasty!"

But the product is only a ghost, conceptual brainstorm, so... sorry guys!

Vitor Lançoni

If tangibilizing the design in a form was something semiotically possible, I believe that the result of this exercise would be the triangle. Vital and fundamental angles, responsible for the formation of a whole, each with the allusive capacity of one of the three basic principles of good design: to be innovative, useful and aesthetic.
The triangle, as a pure geometric form, is discrete and enduring. It is consistent, his reading is honest. The complete delivery of what I believe to be the design.
And that is my promise to each of my creations.

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