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Neu-Amplifier Case

Neu-Amplifier Case

Myrian Martinez
June 21, 2016

It's a plastic casing for amplifier. Neu represents the materialization of the perfection of sound in a small, elegant amplifier each amplifier is designed to provide the most accurate sound and lighter shades without sacrificing luxury and power vibe integrates the latest and best technologies for exceptional audio quality with incredible power, creating a unique space between you and your environment

The electronic card or PCB for the product was already designed, this meant the amplifier was already working without any casing. My job was to make a really good, well design case for mass production, owners define the amplifier to be a high end product, so I was looking for a simple form that would look lean but bold so black was a straight decision. Materials where a bit more demanding, we needed something that would give great finishes but hard and resistant to the environment, we end up using a combination of ABS for hardness and PMMA for finishes.

Initially I worked in form using sketchbook pro, then I used rhino to define a somewhat organic but lean shape and finally for a dimensional 3D model I used solid works which helped me to define the final shape and constraints of the model, also I rendered my files in Solidworks.

It was a great project to develop I really got to do the whole thing sketch, design, workshop, prototypes, mold tryouts, finishing tryouts, assembly, bill of materials, there's way too much involved in designing and taking a device to production, but it's just as great as the effort it takes, it's an experience.

Myrian Martinez

I’m a designer who believes design its not only a way to apply aesthetics or optimizing a process of a product or experience, but a growing language between everything and everyone.
The last four years I’ve been managing the design department for a technology development company, here I have worked as an a industrial and graphic designer, designing for electronic devices and what most motivates me; graphical user interfaces (GUI) focused on usability and user experience(UX) I’ve learned they both are infinitely influential in designing for new standards and lifestyles.

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