New Museum Branding

Redesign Museum Branding which is called New Museum” in New York. Basically I only dealt with typography on it, played with typo to be simple, modern and cool. All of materials has the same pattern, not to be designed in variation by being an identity.

I came up with the idea of redesign a museum that is new museum. they have a gorgeous identity but I wanted to try it to be different by using a just pale pink color which is pretty and can be modern. This project is a bit more experimental work than the other that I’ve worked. It could be hip style in a way, but I intended it to be modern.

I used illustrator for the beginning of making the logo. Because I had to layer them in a row differently. I also used Illustrator for mocking them up. For the newspaper, I used them on Indesign. I can say that everything I designed for it was from illustrator.

They said it looks cool, they liked my work. I learned that how to deal with typography in design fields without graphics. I love making graphic elements a lot, but lately I am focusing on only typography and images on my work.

Thank you for appreciating my works and complimenting for them.
I am looking forward to making better works!

eunsun park

Graphic Designer based in NYC