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New Wave Branding & Website

New Wave Branding & Website

Kamila Figura
January 10, 2017
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Branding and Responsive Website designed for the New Wave Hotel based in Wisła, Poland.
Logo was created for is a modern resort highly know for its SPA facilities. Hotel impresses its guests mostly with an glass covered swimming pool with a view of the mountains that is why the whole project regarded to capture in the minimal form the essence of this unique place. The hotel offers stylish rooms which needed a simple and effortless web access. Website is responsive and easily accessible on mobile devices. Branding included business cards, leaflets, brochures, menus, key cards, photoshoot, social media covers and ads, company's identity in general. Website is minimalistic, clean and modern like the estate itself.

I aimed for the website to be sharp, minimal and to the point. To showcase what's most important: photos of the hotel & spa and the scenery. I focused on colours related to water (blues) and mountains (browns) that surrounded the hotel. The small interactions on the website were to leverage the clean design and give it depth.

Typically I stared out form sketching a logo on paper, then proceeded to Adobe Illustrator to work on the idea. Then showcased it in Adobe InDesign presentation. It was a starting point to the whole branding. The website was designed responsively in Adobe Photoshop and displayed in InVision. The icons were drawn in Sketch. To show how the concept works I created short videos in Adobe Premiere.

From all the comments I got I've learned the colours were the ones that caught their eye the most. Apart form logo concept people liked the minimalism of the website too. I am grateful for this positive feedback. What I've learned was the importance of mobile first design approach, especially with a website that has a lot of photos that need to be displayed.

Design: Kamila Figura,
Development: Damian Szczepaniak,
Photos used in the website: Paweł Jermak,
Photo used in case study form:

Kamila Figura

I am a graphic designer, a story teller who enjoys well-crafted and inventive design with attention to detail.

I am passionate about multidisciplinary of this profession that's why I specialize in creating brand identities, designing innovative UX/UI & web design, inventing meaningful advertising and working with traditional media. I was honoured to be featured in several international publications.

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