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New York Pizza

New York Pizza

Max De Rossi
November 24, 2021
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New York Pizza is a personal design project for a pizzeria, born with the idea of ​​connecting the brand with New York City and its values.

It is well known that this city has a tradition in relation to the world of pizzerias, it even has its own style in preparation and presentation. Regarding the chosen style, I relate basketball, rap, Italian tradition and other characteristics, which are also part of the history of the city.

To build this project I used Adobe Illustrator Cs6 and Photoshop Cs6. At the beginning with the first sketches I designed the first logos and drawings that are part of the set. Then I have defined the colors, related to the world of basketball, specifically inspired by the New York Knicks. The packaging of the pizza box comes with the idea of ​​drawing lines that are reminiscent of the streets of the city. Lastly, I designed supporting graphic elements for digital media.

People respond very well to this project, as it is visually attractive, it reminds them of the city, its values ​​and the unique experience of eating pizza in New York.

Max De Rossi

Welcome, my name is Max, I am a graphic designer, with more than 3 years of professional experience. I am passionate about creating visual content that tells stories, and responds to people's needs. I have knowledge in branding, UX / UI design and multimedia. I work with tools like: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Figma.
Technological environments motivate me, and I am currently learning Frontend development, using Html5, Css3, Bootstrap, Javascript and React Js.
My goal is to bring new design perspectives, innovate, and produce quality content that meets current standards.

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