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Fausto Montanari
September 8, 2016
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This project is a collection of people, landscapes and feelings that I had in New York. During my stay in the city I was usual to sketch a lot - watched places - observe people - look to habits and behaviors - all that been my source of inspiration. I started to transform sketches in a project by illustrating these incredible places.

The idea was born from the experience and the time I spent in the city. I love to travel, discover new places and tell stories, then mixing that things with my freelance work and the possibility to move around and spend time to travel/work in New York.
the answer was only one, start a project to describe the experience, the incredible landscapes and all the different people that make up the real essence of the city.

I had choose a limited color palette to print in silk print and to give coherence and a unique strong design to the project which will be printed in a limited edition zine.

The process is like my usual , I start doing sketches on my sketchbook - come up with ideas clean them, usually drinking a coffee or a beer in a nice place that could inspire me. After that, I put it on my laptop so that I could draw and setup the project - define and select sketches , create the color palette and start to draw. I mostly use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, sometimes Procreate for iPad, that specific project is all developed in Photoshop.

I think the nice side to tell in general a story is making people dream. Is why I like usually to close in my illustrations concept and try to make people smile, dream or think about something. this specific project tell more about a place a travel , city life and people.
In more this project was a challenge because in a really short time I had to producemany illustrations and with the limit to use the same colors to describe really different places and people.

Fausto Montanari

Fausto Montanari is a freelance illustrator and director
He’s strongly interested in the human beings and finds permanent source of inspiration in
their different behaviours and in cultural influences that feature them. The starting point
for his works is indeed the surrounding reality, the same reality that then he elaborates and
transforms in a perspective on the border between reality and fantasy.
He express himself through easy shapes and flat colours
He participated as an artist in solo and group exhibitions receiving various awards and recognitions.
Some of his last clients Sergio Tacchini, Loro piana, Hp, Elekta
kids, Talent Garden, Uber, Credem, Capital Weeks, Hawas worldwide, BBDO, BETC

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