Eye meets nature – structure defines material – elements show character – surface creates insights.

nEYEture is an experimental photography project created in 2017. The concept treats the topic of the similarity between nature with all its elements and the human eye.

Eyes fascinated me for a long time. We see with them and we see them all day but mostly we don’t look close enough. Each and every eye is different so the structure of the Iris is basically just like a fingerprint.
When I started to analyze the eyes that surrounded me a little bit more, I recognized the analogy to common structures in the nature and the idea for this project was born.

At first I started to take pictures of eyes with my smartphone, so I can gather a collection of irises with different colors and structures. Then I could sort them and find proper counterparts in nature.
The Next step was the actual shooting of the pictures. Therefor I used two additional extension rings to get as close as possible. Furthermore I lighted the eye with a flash. To achieve a shot with a preferably small pupil, I had to dim the ambient light so I just could focus the camera.
In post I just tweaked brightness and contrast a little bit and the series was finished.

I had the chance to display prints of my work at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. There I got quite positive response. Some were even kind of astonished how much structure irises can have because they never had such a close and intense look on them.

Fabian Kargl

>> Communication Design Student
<< based in Mannheim, Germany