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Vedant Main
January 2, 2020

the key is designed for HomeKit accessibility i.e to have access of the all doors user interacting in a effortless manner.
The key works on NFC (near filed communication) technology. When the user comes near the door at a specific required distance , it unlocks the door effortlessly. The key provides a haptic feedback in pocket while unlocking/locking the door.
The form factor id designed to be pocket friendly.
The user interface on the key is designed to work on thumb gestures accessible on the pressure sensitive trackpad.

having a look at the locking solutions available by current market offerings , I wanted to make that process more effortless yet secured. I wanted to change the way user experiences the present locking/unlocking solutions by providing my new design concept over it.
The form factor of the product is pocket friendly i.e pocketable & was inspired form the factors like shape of the pocket, touchpoints while interacting, removing outside & keeping inside of pocket , holding the product In hands & many other factors involved in day to day use of the consumer.
The materials, textures and colours used are based on the overall usability and aesthetics of the product.

Initially the the design process and finalised product was skeched on Autodesk Sketchbook.
Further it was prototyped on Autodesk Fusion 360.
The user interface was designed and prototyped on Adobe XD.
Some Artworks required were designed on photoshop and illustrator respectively.

the responses were very helpful for me as well as for them. I got hear some pro's and con's about this concept which was very helpful.
Got the reviews about the hardware and the software design which were efficient.
Got may progressive idea to elevate the next generation of this product in terms of design .

Vedant Main

product & interaction design

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