Nice to Meet You // A Self-Promotion (as a speak out)

I think it is common to everyone to have a hard time answering the “Tell me about yourself” question… So, as a social anxious person, i expose what goes through my mind after hearing so. If i could actually answer like that? I really don’t know, so i’ll show it instead.

Well, i just really needed to update my resume/CV. Made it when i left the university. It had this super flat and old look, it just wasn’t me anymore. I don’t think that by then i knew all about myself. But now i do.

I found out why it was so hard to talk to people, why i just get really nervous sometimes. And i can finally accept it. Now i know what i am. What i allways liked, being a music lover and a movie nerd, questioning life and people, how i grew into this weird human being. And i actually love it. Love it as much as making design and illustration, so… i decided to just put it all together. Show myself to the world. As i really am. Chaos. Aren’t we all in our special ways?
And what a better “piece of art” to give ourselves into if not a resume? Let’s just go!!!

So, as you can see, i use different languages to each section. If you read it, or see other projects on my portfolio, you will understand that i use a large variety of styles. I’m still looking for my own. And that’s what i try to show in this project, although it is more coherent.

But basically what i try to do is showing off my illustration skills, mixed with graphic design and a little small talk about myself. I have hard times speaking to people. I actually write better than i talk, so i also used that in my favor. But i understand that humour is a hard thing to transmit, so i try to keep it human, not too exaggerated.

I also decided to publish this project unfinished since i’m also an unfinished business myself. Though i know what i am and what i like, what i love, i still try to understand more, learn more. Life is constant. Everything changes, nothing is certain. Unknown. Unfinished.

This is what i actually would like to say in all my interviews. Keep it real. Not trying to please anybody. Just explain that i’m a human being, that has skills, as everybody does. And flaws. As everybody does.

People actually reacted good to this. Really good. They loved how i exposed myself. Not afraid to show what i am. Which was something for me that was hard to do. I’m a very introvert person. I don’t show myself easy.

If you know me, you’ll find me very goofy. I’m a complete clown. I like to play, dance, sing, being stupid alnd all, almost act like a child. But i don’t show myself in a more intimate way. I only show what i want people to see.

And when people see me as being… human, with all these insecurities that haunt me… they relate. I guess.

I would just really like to hear your feedback. If it’s good, bad, what could i have done better, i’m still learning.

It would mean the world to me. 🙂

Carline D’Almeida

A little geek.
A little freak.

A little illustrator.
A little designer.
A little digital.
A little photographer.
A little dancer.

A little everything…
Or a everything wannabe.