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Night Social App by Katerina Maniataki

Night Social App by Katerina Maniataki

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July 23, 2015

Katerina Maniataki of Tapely's the NIGHT app is an experimental project that arose after a lot of brainstorming sessions and iterations on their brand orientation. It is a social app where the user can log-in only during the NIGHT time and post his thoughts, feelings or mood. The end post is a combination of text, image and music expression.


The final design of 'Night Social App' is the product of an amazing team, Tapely. It is a collaborative work. I was honored to lead the team through collaborative design practices, I collected their feedback and improved the UI & UX of the product in small iterations. I am trying to combine all my experience acquired through all these years, with images from my everyday life in Athens.
-Katerina Maniataki


Almost every evening I had the same routine: I used to take a walk and gather inspiration from buildings and city lights. Then, I engaged in discussions with friends and tried to translate their needs into an end product.
-Katerina Maniataki


Night Social App has a well thought, user-centric design and I strongly believe that this is what makes it unique. Focus on collaboration, amazing things may come out after some brainstorming sessions!
-Katerina Maniataki

About Katerina Maniataki

Katerina has been in the Web Design field for 9 years, focusing primarily on user-centric design. Currently, she is a Lead UI / Ux Designer at Tapely. By keeping always in mind the end user experience, she is building well thought out and highly polished user interfaces for Tapely and its products. Kind of a data geek, a technology freak and design lover, she totally adores experimenting with new sass practices and secretly yearns for a “semantically-better-web-world”. She spends her time reading, travelling, or just hanging out with dear friends. You can see more of her work at Behance.

2 comments on “Night Social App by Katerina Maniataki”

  1. Now this is pretty cool. Great idea and I like the florescent colors that are used throughout the app giving it a "night club" feel!

  2. Amazing concept of Night Social App, I would love to have in on my iPhone. And I think the music part of the app would be great because people love to hear music at night.

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