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Nike Air Max - All That Plastic

Nike Air Max - All That Plastic

Simon Waloszek
January 5, 2017
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All that plastic - Is fantastic. Imagine the world where Air Max can be made of plastic - And where the world can appreciate this. Better not though. But the idea of generalising materials and cutting everything off with latest minimalist approach to everything is real. So why not start with the shoes?

Wherever you go - You see designers of every kind trying to make their work more and more minimalistic. It's like at one time everyone said - hey, let's get rid of everything, and just keep it blank. Right? This is the feeling I get - And with this I also noticed that whole world is trying to base their judgement by plastic celebrities, plastic stuff, plastic clothes, something that is shiny, but really not worth anything.

The proccess was very complicated and took more than couple of hundred rendering hours - The transition, and transformation of the model was the hardest part. But the idea for me was clear - I want people to understand that not only through colorful images and fake material they can achieve fullfillment, that they need to understand that the world is not only about showing off.

I learned that everything has the deeper meaning - Something that we used to remember, but now, in the Internet age and social media celebrities we completely forgot. And that's what I wanted also for viewer to understand. Don't forget who you are guys and where you came from, don't get into this rollercoaster of fake lives and fake emotion.

Stay plastic designers.

Simon Waloszek

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