NikeLab Sock Dart Fleece – Microsite Concept by Viktor Vörös

This was a self initiated experimental project, where the main goal was to make the NikeLab Sock Dart Fleece desirable as it can be. I wanted to design a memorable microsite experience where you can explore the shoe in details and know more about it.

The UI and the overall visual design is based on the modern and futuristic look of the shoe.

– Viktor Vörös

If someone ask me what is the best tools or method I can suggest, I usually say: If you can draw vectors and pixels with your bare hand, it’s totally okay. Be proud of it and do it. Just find out what works for you. There are thousands ways to do great work.

– Viktor Vörös

The respond to the project was positive, and I get a tons of super kind feedbacks from other designers.

– Viktor Vörös

About Viktor Vörös

Viktor Vörös is an independent digital designer who is passionate about his work, keeping his ambitions high and quality in focus at all times.

He worked on projects for Microsoft, Samsung, L’Oréal Professionnel, Vogue, Rolls-Royce, Konami, 20th Century Fox & more.