Niko armchair №2

Comfortable chair with a high back. Eclectically. Reminds a modern style in design and a grandmother’s plaid at the same time.
The bright and convenient armchair will be suitable both for modern and for eclectic interiors. Such armchair is also irreplaceable when in an interior it is necessary to place bright emphasis. For example in the brutal loft such bright and nice subject can appear. It both provocation and game at the same time.

Materials: wooden framework, fabric or polymeric upholstery. All for comfort and pleasant pastime . Not difficult model in production. It is possible to use of huge amount of finishing materials. The color palette of finishing materials is also not limited. From bright colors, to pastel shades. Current trends of interior design assume use of various colors and shades. the product design has to meet requirements of the market.

My main source of inspiration – beauty of the world around. Beauty of the nature. All my works bear the impress natural, natural forms. To a greater or lesser extent. To study at the nature – here my rule of the designer. I am always begin work with creation of sketches by hand. I do many sketches by hand. I paint some with colored pencils. It is very pleasant occupation.:) then I pass to 3D modeling and final rendering.

The concept raises a smile and sympathies. Many people want to have a rest on it.
I project comfortable things which cause positive emotions. Furniture shouldn’t irritate. It has to please future owners, to be comfortable, a time imperceptible (Not in case of this concept, it is difficult not to notice it)). When I want to be engaged in art for the sake of art, I go on a picturesque open-air. I project furniture for people and their comfort.

Olesya Smirnova