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Nile City

Nile City

Nada Elhadedy
December 21, 2016
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This is the renovation to the existing ship in Nile River. I wanted to present an extremely bold idea, especially since the project is in a very unique place. I could've started with a more simple and familiar design but, after studying the existing situation, an out of the ordinary idea seems very applicable. It looks different but it is actually an arrangement of the existing element in a new context.

Again, this is an external renovation for an existing restaurant ship in Nile River, Cairo, Egypt. The design was intended to add extremely new shell for the ship yet maintain its original structure and working with it . The design is conceptual with an applicable design strategy .

First stop was sketching a conceptual ideas in paper, then I tested the scale and ratio compared with the existing structure using auto cad. After modified the sketch into software elevation I begin the modeling using 3ds max
then rendering it using vary and editing the color using Photoshop and the plugin color pro. Finally, I prepared the project in details using in-design for presentation.

I learned to always be ready, to think outside the box. And to adapt this way of thinking as a default. People respond as usually varies between admiration and not accepting the new theme. but that a normal response, it worth taking the risk.


Nada Elhadedy

An Architecture Designer , experienced in provide a new vision for contemporary architecture & planning , Through optimizing the project potential whether its ( functional , aesthetic ,economic , or cultural .

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